An interactive Murder Mystery Whodunnit based on real gangsters and events from the prohibition era.

Murder Mystery Menu

(included with your ticket)



Pierogies with Sour Cream, Mozzarella Sticks, Mini pizza bagels





sweetened hot red wine with cinnamon and spices, served in a mug



Firefly Iced Tea Vodka, lemonade, raspberry liquor 




Mixed Green Salad with Ranch or Balsamic dressings



(served with rolls & butter):

·        Eggplant Parmesan with zesty marinara

·        Chicken Marsala with a rich wine sauce 

·        Prime Rib Carving Station, with Au Jus


Mash potato, mixed veggies



Cupcake Towers


Clues are everywhere; don’t miss a thing…

…so check back for more clues

When you arrive at The Paper Mill you will look for the person in the green hat.           

This person will check your credentials and give you instructions to find the private soirée.  I’ll give you a tip; it will get you in: Think good thoughts and good things will come to you.

Napanoch Nightengale 

Knocked for not-nice notes

Shmutz’ Latest Gal Pal leaves late night catskill crowd wanting less

Napanoch, NY.  Napa-Knock 3 times if you want to see the pretty Lily Devain sing at this exclusive, Napanoch hotspot.  But make sure you partake plenty before the show.  The material is so outrageously over the top that it’s tough to imagine this songbird being taken seriously.  With a voice that “weighs like a point of fruitcake soaking wet” and a performance that was “horribly wooden” and filled with clichés everywhere, this reviewer says SHANT to Shmutz’ charlatan chanteuse.

Tap Dancer & Bearded Lady 

Steal the show in Napanoch

Napanoch, NY.  Not every act deserves praise.  This was certainly try of last night’s performances at an undisclosed location in Wawarsing.  However, this reporter is thrilled to have seen the best hoofing this side of the Hudson.  The young man, who asked to remain anonymous, has competed in Europe and is bringing his “claquettes” back home.  Additionally delightful were the humorous antics of the “Her”-sute Honey herself, who also asked to remain anonymous.

Helen Hayes & Clark Gable’s Latest movie delights shadowland crowd

Ellenville, NY.  The First Lady of the American Stage, Helen Hays and hearthrob Clark Gable, demonstrated in The White Sister Changed Habits, that talking pictures are here to stay.  The movie also proves that no matter how good or bad a person is, that change is possible.  Even a ruthless gangster can change his stripes.  The remake of the 1923 moving picture of the same name was received well by all in attendance. The movie plays through next Thursday.


Botched Raid Blamed on Veteran G-Man

Long-time prohi, Reuben “Ruby” Diamond, has been put on leave after a botched raid on Bedford Street in New York City.  The raid occurred at a club called Chumley’s, an after-hours hangout at 86 Bedford Street, run by the notorious bootlegger, Art Shmutz.  The hot spot is popular with Manhattan’s theater crowd.  Two federal agents were shot during what was described by on bystander as an old west shootout.  Both agents are expected to make full recoveries.  When asked for comment, Agent Diamond attempted to dodge this reporter’s questions, but when pressed, uttered, “buzz off.”  

Killing near Napanoch

SHMUTZ found all over liberty Square  

Napanoch, NY.   Art Shmutz, a New York City gangster and a regular of Napanoch, was murdered yesterday as he dined south of Napanoch.  Local police were quick to rule out anyone from nearby Ellenville, calling the townsfolk “beyond reproach.”  They are interviewing innocent bystanders and hunting down leads. 

When asked for comment, the local police chief, who asked to remain anonymous, said “This town is finally clear of Shmutz.”  

Reservoir commission Recommends Flooding Rondout mill Creek

Napanoch, NY.  Eureka!  There’s water in them thar hills.  At least according to the state board studying New York City’s water supply.  If approved, the Rondout Mill Creek would be dammed and will flood the valley along a corridor 7 miles long.  Local residents have vowed to fight the proposed development.  

Murder in Ellenville

Ellenville, NY.  After years of skating the law, Art Shmutz has lost his battle for life this day as he dined at the Wayside Inn.  The mortally wounded big boss died after being shot multiple times.  He hysterically babbled entreaties to the gang members that had deserted him.  

Local police have much work to do in this village of ne’re-do-wells.  They are interviewing suspects too numerous to mention.

Defective Delinquents do Double

 dirty deeds during DAily Duties   

Napanoch, NY.   Amid recent behavioral issues, New York State has agreed to funding to expand the Institute for Defective Delinquents.  The facility will incorporate additional surrounding lands within the valley in order to add new buildings to house the rapidly growing population.  The primary opponents to the plan, local huckleberry enthusiasts, have raised considerable funds to oppose the plan.  These blueberry backers plan to fight the state to protect the hills that border the Institute for berry buffs.

Meyer “The Teeth” Rothstein 

Defective Delinquent, Meyer Rothstein, identified by administration as a dirty deed doer, was asked why the population was getting out of hand.  He responded,  “It’s in the mountains.  We are high off what these hills provide, naturally.”  He was then locked away in solitary confinement. 

When asked for comment, Warden Izzy A. Yutz said, “Everything is fine, don’t worry, it’s all under control.”